Hola !

November 23, 2008

Hey Its Nice N Happy ! Im from doggiking.wordpress.com and Maker of nicenhappy1.wordpress.com

I helped and Added Bubi! We are trying to become close friends ! Thats all you need to know!

Nice N Happy :0)


The Official Bubifilms site!

November 23, 2008

Im finished with the bubifilms site! Check it out here:



Club Penguins missing!

November 22, 2008

The cookie monster stole club penguin!! (The start button thingie dont work) I was gonna post about new play and news and stuff (cuz I was at my aunts thursday and friday) and what do I find out? The cookie monster stole club penguin! I dont know if it is just me that cant get on cp, so comment and tell me! Time to go track down that cookie monster!


PS: More nijitzu info coming soon, after I find that darn cookie monster! XD

UPDATE: Phew, I found the cookie monster. He was hiding in the gear thing on my computers  C drive and dont wory, his mothr grounded him! No Chocolate chunk cookies for a month!

Locked out of CP….XD

November 18, 2008

I have been tring to get into CP for about…. oh…… I dunno……. three hours! I think we crashed club penguin. There is all these glitches. I logged of and went onto a different server earlyer and I lost my white ellow and orange belts but when I went to battle someone I had my orange belt on! Also I know the hidden secret to beat sensei 😀 All you have to do is send your cards out at the very last second on the timer. If you follow all the tips on my blog, you will be a black belt by tommorow!


Fun Fact: Did you know that I am a black belt in real life? XD Really!

Card Game is Here!

November 17, 2008

Hola! This is bubi! I am not supposed to be home posting now, but I got a black eye so they sent me home earlier.

Well the card game is here, it is very addicting. To start you have to click on the cusion and talk to the sensei, where he will give you your starter deck. It is a very fun game, it is kinda like rock paper scissors. The two players draw either an ice, water or fire card and they battle. Fire beats Ice, Ice beats Water and water beats fire. Once you win a match 5 times you get a new belt. I am a yellow belt now. Once you become a black belt and beat the sensei, you get to go to a secret room. Also they changed the map and changed the dojo alot too. Now there are no fancy decorations. Only the pad where the sensei sits and  the blue playing mats. The dragon poster is gone so maybe they will use it in a future event or play.


Bored….New logo!

November 17, 2008

Hola! I was hoping the updates would be ready this morning, but they were not, so I was kinda bored so I made an awesome site logo! Here it is!


XD   How do you like it? Ill make a site banner too for other people to put on their blogs! When I get home from school ill post about the training and all that. If I can of course.

~bubi, the ruler of club penguin XD

Monthly Header!

November 17, 2008

Hola! It is me bubi, I know I have not been posting much but from now on ill try to post every time there is an update.

I posted because I decided to make a new header ever month, starting with my november one that I just put up. I got a new program that has all the features of adobe photoshop, but it is absoulutly free!!!!!! Sorry, I cant tell, but im sure you can figure it out. I will also be opening up my header shop again soon so stay tuned! Ill update tomorrow morning too.


PS: I found mimo’s secret site, but im not telling. No, it is NOT thirtyonethirty.com . I admit, it took me a while to find. It doesent say on yahoo answers, everyone says it is thirtyonethirty.com (of coure its not), so I just had to keep searching on google till I found it. Good luck! (Hint: The site has nothing to do with club penguin and you have to make an account on the site and it is not made on blogger or wordpress)