contest at my site!

hey doggiking here bringing you the biggest contest ever!
its a whatever contest! its actually very anonomus. u can send in ur igloo pic, a pic you drew on paint, a pic u drew, a vid u made, a vid u made in a group whatever! asd long as u made, it is good! send it in!
and to the authors, i will tell u that we go alot of hits when tren56 was around, so we need to work up those hits, also this is an advertising contest! advertise my site in a post, page, vid, pic , or whatever!
and if you do advertise you get 2 entries! if you tell other ppl to advertise and they do, 1 more entry! so go and make a really good vid, pic, igloo, cool look, doggiking monument, list iof why u like this site, a vid tributed to this site (if u do i will put it in a post! as long as it it positive), so go out there!

prizes- are be on my bogroll for a month, have ur vid, pic,whatever featured on this site,be an author here for a month(if u do good 2 months), be my buddy on cp, (and if the cp crew agrees all of our buddies but mine forever), be in a TSD vid,meet TSD personally off the set, and get my free gift a non member peng that is over 650 days old, and if u advertize alot maybe a member peng…
c ya!
cp crew leader doggiking out! xp


9 Responses to contest at my site!

  1. Arrts says:

    I will send in a picture right now!

  2. arrts says:

    Ahhh man it didn’t work!

  3. arrts says:

    just go to and look at the post (for bubi)

  4. bubluciouspenguin says:

    arrts this is not my contest and those re definently NOT the clothes I wear. But thanks anyway! This is doggikings contest. LOL

  5. Arrts says:

    Oh sorry! I thought I saw you with those cloths I am very sorry!

  6. Fred28046 says:

    bubi never talk to me 😥

  7. bubluciouspenguin says:

    Thats not true fred, you are one of my best friends on cp!

  8. Upupin says:

    bubi, ur kinda missing something… ME! Lol. i’m gonna be on my new forum. 😉 if you need to get in touch wih me, ill be there.

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