Card Game is Here!

Hola! This is bubi! I am not supposed to be home posting now, but I got a black eye so they sent me home earlier.

Well the card game is here, it is very addicting. To start you have to click on the cusion and talk to the sensei, where he will give you your starter deck. It is a very fun game, it is kinda like rock paper scissors. The two players draw either an ice, water or fire card and they battle. Fire beats Ice, Ice beats Water and water beats fire. Once you win a match 5 times you get a new belt. I am a yellow belt now. Once you become a black belt and beat the sensei, you get to go to a secret room. Also they changed the map and changed the dojo alot too. Now there are no fancy decorations. Only the pad where the sensei sits and  the blue playing mats. The dragon poster is gone so maybe they will use it in a future event or play.



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