The Penguin Games!

The penguin games came today!!!

You can get the red face paint at the coffe shop.

And you can get the blue face paint at the pizza parlor

Now lets start with the games!

The marathon:

This is the hardest of the three events, you starrt at the village and end up at the cove.                      The starting line is at the village

You need to follow the path and every time you see some-thing like this

you need to stop right next to it, and turn it into this

Get to the cove and a screen should pop up that looks like this.

Click “Continue”.


3 Lap Race:

This one is pretty easy, run around the path and stop at every white line to make those things light up again. Go around three times and you should get a check in the 3 lap Race box. 

Freestyle swimming:

This is the last out of the three events. You just need to follow the arrows to each side of the pool six times.

Then the screen should pop up and you can select “claim prize” to get your medal!



3 Responses to The Penguin Games!

  1. Squack 000 says:

    hey bub we should have a soccer game that would be fun!!!

  2. bubluciouspenguin says:


  3. chetlu671 says:

    Can I be on your blogroll?

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