look what i made!

this is for bubi and i drew is specail.

i kinda messes up but if u want me to draw you you can comment this and send me a link of ur peng

ill try to draw it! well, heres bubi!

hope u like it!


6 Responses to look what i made!

  1. Squack 000 says:

    woah thats awesome!!!!!!! can u make me one??

  2. doggiking says:

    sure i can!
    just give me a link of your penguins pic so i can draw it out

  3. Sk8erboy224 says:

    hey squack sorry i havent made yours yet ive been busy.

  4. doggiking says:

    ok ill just look at ur site and make you one

  5. jomo1998 says:


    Can you make me one? Here’s the link:


  6. BigBan says:

    Oh, Thanks! Really funny. Big ups!

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