Time to rock!

Hiya! This is bubi! THe party came out today! First I will explain the DJ3k. here is a pic:

You just have to click on buttons to make music! You can end whenever you want and you get alot of coins!

check out the dojo! You need to get four penguins to stand on the colors and the music playes! (click to enlarge)

Also check out the mine and pool!

(in the  mine move your mouse over the icicles and in the pool walk on the piano keys)

And the penguin band is at the ice berg!

And there is a small shop for members at the snow forts! You can buy A backstage pass there!

And once you have a backstage pass you can go backstage! (but you have to be a member though 😦 )

And in the corner is a box of instruments.

And all those really cool misical items came back!

Also you can get a music jam T-shirt at the plaza!

and you can get a pair of miracas at the cove!

Personoly I think this is the best party yet! In other news please go to this site http://upupin.wordpress.com/ !!!!! He is very nice and would love it if you visited! and if you commented too! So remmeber, go to http://upupin.wordpress.com/ !!! THat is right, http://upupin.wordpress.com/ !!!!!!!!!!!!!

~bubi :mrgreen: ~


4 Responses to Time to rock!

  1. upupin says:

    hey, why did u adertise club penguin cheats team blog? thanks though! and i got somethin for yah, on the music catolog, if you click the I in music, you can but a red electric guitar!

  2. bubluciouspenguin says:

    OO really? Cool! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Btw I am advertizing your site in my next 12 posts!

  3. doggiking says:

    hey bubi im making a video crew with us!(if you dont mind)
    u can record and i can record it will be fun!
    we can call it db in cp (doggiking and bubi in club penguin)
    comment on my db in cp page if you want to!
    and if you dont i will delete the page 😦

  4. bubluciouspenguin says:

    sleet is really full!

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