my new banner is done!!!

hiya! I made a new banner wiht photoshop! It is really cool!! What do you think? Please comment and tell me if you like it!


16 Responses to my new banner is done!!!

  1. Sk8erboy224 says:

    you should open a header shop!

  2. bubluciouspenguin says:

    I should shouldent I?

  3. Sk8erboy224 says:

    yes!your headers are very good.And you work hard so you should put your site on the headers.Then people will want one and they will come to this site!

  4. bubluciouspenguin says:

    😦 I cant make a header shoop now sniff sniff. Look at my comment on my post “color change”

  5. bubluciouspenguin says:

    thank you

  6. bubluciouspenguin says:

    wow perfect pic!! I actually needed him having a white background! Thanks!

  7. bubluciouspenguin says:

    if I am going to make a logo for the band I need to do it now so I need to know the name of the band.

  8. bubluciouspenguin says:

    sorry if I am alittle craby I fell out of my bed this morning then I hurt my foot and I am really tired and I am limping all over the place bacause of my foot. 😦

  9. upupin says:

    oh, i said penguin attack. i puuled a mussel in my neck this morning and i cant turn it much. we are beat up.

  10. bubluciouspenguin says:

    yes we are.

  11. upupin says:

    Penguin Attack

  12. bubluciouspenguin says:


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