I have chosen not to go to mammoth anymore. THe penguins there are mean. From now on I am going to brumby. THe penguins there are nice. No betas go there much (I get really angry with betas). Or so called famous penguins.


12 Responses to DOWN WITH MAMMOTH

  1. sk8erboy224 says:

    yea the same here i barely go on mammoth my new servers are frozen & brumby

  2. bubluciouspenguin says:

    umm skate what is the program called that cowboys own has where you can do funny stuff??

  3. sk8erboy224 says:

    im dont know i asked him and he said he couldnt remember

  4. bubluciouspenguin says:


  5. bubluciouspenguin says:

    are you on???

  6. bubluciouspenguin says:

    I found out how to make a widget

  7. bubluciouspenguin says:

    Im going to make one for my site.

  8. bubluciouspenguin says:

    aww man. My grandma took back her laptop and now I dont have a PC in the house. Only a mac. Luckly tomorrow my mom is getting her laptop back.

  9. Sk8erboy224 says:

    i g2g go eat swedish meatballs then wash thye dishes be back in 20 minutes!

  10. bubluciouspenguin says:

    mmm swedish meatballs

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