Extremely hard contest!

OK. I decided to make a very unique contest. The prize is you get to be on my blogroll and you will probably get an interview on our first episode of SB tv! (if sk8erboy224 approves) ok. You have to find where I am in the picture. I am in the picture. I am just extremely hard to see. You need to look very closely.  The first one to find me wins. Click below for the link of the picture.


NOTE: It is not impossible! I am in the picture! Ill give you one clue. You can only see a little bit of me and I blend in.

Have fun!

~bubi :mrgreen: ~

Ps: sk8erboy224 can not join because me and him made the tv and he already knows where I am.


17 Responses to Extremely hard contest!

  1. upupin says:

    your at the bottem of the screen on the rock!!!

  2. upupin says:

    yay! i won! i think!!!

  3. Squack 000 says:

    nevermind upupin ur right

  4. Sk8erboy224 says:

    ok upupin you have won an interveiw on SBTV it will be recorded and put on YT!!!

  5. bubluciouspenguin says:

    Yay! Good job upupin!

  6. bubluciouspenguin says:

    aah! My sister is listening to this extremely annoying music on her radio!

  7. bubluciouspenguin says:

    tee heee I snuck in her room and took it out of her radio and hid it!

  8. squack000 says:

    lol anyway good job upupin!!!! by the way it wasnt that hard

  9. bubluciouspenguin says:

    I know. I exaddurated alittle.

  10. squack000 says:

    ya lol i know a better hiding spot….

  11. sk8erboy224 says:

    commenting contest at http://sk8erboy224.wordpress.com

  12. bubluciouspenguin says:

    mee too but no one can see me

  13. upupin says:

    when is the episode?

  14. Sk8erboy224 says:

    we will have it when we get a little bit better at making vids but you will be in it!

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