500 his party!

Hi! This is bubi! I will be having my 500 his party soon! Its only been a week and I have had this many hits! Maybe it is just beginners luck. Both ways im proud of my site! Special thanks to upupin, sk8erboy, fred and squack for supporting my site! I will be posting the time and place soon! 

~bubi :mrgreen: ~

PS: Dont forget to join my army! 


37 Responses to 500 his party!

  1. squack000 says:

    :mrgreen: ur doing great! i had 500 hits in a month!

  2. fred28046 says:

    no fair i only have 223 hits and it been a couple days

  3. bubluciouspenguin says:

    well you still have alot!

  4. bubluciouspenguin says:

    Ive been getting all these spam comments latly 😦

  5. upupin says:

    i have over 2000 hits. lol. well, i had like 500 in like 2 weeks! but one day i got like 200 hits! i got lucky.

  6. bubluciouspenguin says:

    No you did not get lucky! You just have the coolest site ever!

  7. upupin says:

    oh! BTW bubi, its kinda good to get spam comments. that means someone knows anout ur blog! 😉

  8. fred28046 says:

    cool u have 255 hits

  9. Fred28046 says:

    coool!!!!!! i want to have a 500 hits party i have 500 hits and it been only a couple days!!!

  10. Fred28046 says:

    cool cool i have more hits then you and you had the website longer them me cool !

  11. bubluciouspenguin says:

    😦 Im taking you off my blogroll.

  12. bubluciouspenguin says:

    im sorry i just dont like you bragging about your site. Just remember i helped you get lost of hits

  13. bubluciouspenguin says:

    hey you take the pics you have from other sites. That is counted as cheating. Im sorry. Im just really sad.

  14. fred28046 says:

    but then i will have to take you off of my blog roll and i dint mean to brag but i was so exited

  15. bublucious I (not logged in) says:

    Hey sorry i over reacted. Im gonna add you back. I have no idea what i was thinking! Sorry!

  16. fred28046 says:

    ok sorry i will add you back if i know how

  17. bubluciouspenguin says:

    I guess I wont need a 500 hits party! I almost have 1000!

  18. Sk8erboy224 says:

    yep and that is so awesome dude hey ill try and help you get more!!!

  19. rune12185cp says:

    bubluciouspenguin I Know You Signed Up On PPC So What Postition Do U want Spy or Soldier

  20. bubluciouspenguin says:


  21. Sk8erboy224 says:

    hey bubi can you tell me how to make a header i tried but it didnt work!!

  22. bubluciouspenguin says:

    well it is best to use paint. Im not very good at making headers. Maybe soon i could make you one! Im not good at it though. It took me a few days to make the one i have. Most people can make it in ten muinets.

  23. Sk8erboy224 says:

    lol ok i tried it but when i upload it it says that i cant use it

  24. bubluciouspenguin says:

    hey is it the right size? It needs to be 780 x 95. On paint look for something called attributes and change it to that.

  25. Sk8erboy224 says:

    ok thats why it didnt work probably thank you so much you deserve to have a link to your site on my page and ill post about you!!!

  26. Sk8erboy224 says:

    😦 its still not working!!

  27. Sk8erboy224 says:

    i posted that blob site lol

  28. Sk8erboy224 says:

    my site…. sk8erboy224.wordpress.com

  29. Sk8erboy224 says:

    oooops i messed up

  30. Sk8erboy224 says:

    ok please comment ppl i need hits!! lol

  31. Sk8erboy224 says:

    I got this Guitar Hero Bubsfrom TheLordNick.com/Bubs

  32. Sk8erboy224 says:

    lol get one of these lil thingys!!!

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