hola im Ici Fever aka rickers123(ban forever) thank u bubluciouspenguin for letting me help with your site click here 2 view my site


8 Responses to hola

  1. bubluciouspenguin says:

    I hope you do well!

  2. bubluciouspenguin says:

    Hey ici! I still dont get it! Are you watex?

  3. bubluciouspenguin says:

    wow I have had 160 hits in 7 hours!

  4. rickers123 says:

    no im not watex i was his fan intill i opened my site and vids

  5. bubluciouspenguin says:

    oooh! Then why are you both named ici fever?

  6. bubluciouspenguin says:

    Or arent you?

  7. fred28046 says:

    hi guys hey bubi i added you to my site

  8. bubluciouspenguin says:


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