New mission!

1. finding herbert

1. Talk to G. He tells you to go investigate. Before you do that, go pick up that hat behind G with the pink ribbon around it like the one aunt arctic wears. Then go to the dock. 

2. Finding the first map piece

1. You see herbert with his driller and he comes out of a hole that leads to the underground tunnels. He has a map that leads through the tunnels but it blows away and clutzy tries to catch it but it snaps in half. Herbert goes back in the hole. Pick up klutzy’s lantern that he left there if you do not have the night vision goggles.

2. Follow the two blowing map pieces into the town. One of the pieces gets stuck in the “N” in nightclub. The other piece floats off to the snow forts. We will worry about that one later. You will see that the giftshop is halfway underground because of the tumors! We will worry about that later also.

3.In the town you see a sad puffle. Give it the hat you found behind G and it should perk up a little bit. Then go in the coffee shop and help pick up the cookies. Afterwords the penguin gives you a free cookie. Give the cookie to the puffle and a propellor will come out of his hat and he will fly up and nock down the map piece!

3. Finding the second map piece

1. Now go to the snow forts and you will see the other half fly into a flag of one of the snow forts. Click on the flag and it will float to the plaza into a penguins news paper! Talk to him. He says he really wants a pizza so go into the pizza parlor and get one for him. Give it to him. He will give you the news paper in return. Click on it and the second map piece then put both map pieces together in your inventory. 

4. Getting the items you need.

Balloons: Talk to the penguin in the lighthouse tying balloons to the microphone.

Net: Click on the pile of nets outside the lighthouse.

Pegs: At the sports shop there is a box of pegs.

Helium: Go to the gadget room and you will find a blue tank of helium. Ask G if you can take it.

5. Into the underground tunnels

1. Go to the dock and enter the tunnels. You will see two paths. Use the map to follow the right tunnels. You will see the bottom half of the gift shop now. Unscrew the pipe that is blocking the door with your wrench in your spyphone. Now go to the town.

6. Lifting up the gift shop

1. Take a balloon from your box of balloons in your inventory and inflate it with the helium. Put the balloon on the right side of the gift shop and it will float up. Then quickly put the net, pegs and hammer on the giftshop before the balloon pops. Now it should stay up for a while! Now go back to the tunnels.

7. Trouble in the boiler room!

1.Go back to the underground tunnels where the bottom half of the giftshop used to be. Now it is gone so you can go through the tunnel behind it. You see Herbert’s driller with a hatch open on the back. Use your wrench on the hatch to take out the gear (optional [for the reward] ). Then turn around and there is an entrance to the boiler room. Go in.

2. You will see herbert and clutzy and herbert will get really mad that you always foil his plans. He hits the boiler with a wrench (what’s up with wrenches in this mission? ) and the boiler starts shaking. Then you get a call from G. He tells you to fix the boiler. Herbert runs away and gets stuck in the caves. Click on the boiler.

3. Don’t worry! This is easier than it looks! You just have to slide the pipes so that the top left pipe connects to the bottom right pipe! Once you are finished report back to G to get your medal and your reward. (The reward is a cooler with a message inside).

~bubi  ~


4 Responses to New mission!

  1. Lola says:

    Ummmmmmm WHERE DO U GET THE HAMMER!? come on!

  2. bubluciouspenguin says:

    You get it at the gadget room on the wall near G.

  3. fred28046 says:

    bubi you should do a video

  4. bubluciouspenguin says:

    Good idea!

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